Oil, gas will go through roof! Putin to keep UK under yoke if no deal struck on Ukraine

Biden says threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine is ‘very high’

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Richard Tice warned the “naive” West to expect fresh agony over skyrocketing oil and gas prices if Vladimir Putin “gets his way”. Mr Tice slammed Russia’s president for being a mercenary as he claimed his strategy is  “about the money”, maintaining that he is currently in his element and enjoys feeding off the global attention. The Reform Party chairman also claimed Mr Putin is aiming to keep prices “at these levels” or even “higher” in what would leave the UK and the EU facing expensive consequences.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Kevin O’Sullivan, Mr Tice warned Britons that the future looks ominous with prices expected to “go through the roof” unless action is taken swiftly.

He said: “I think Putin is playing a very clever game from his perspective.

“And I think we should expect this to become the norm for the next month, possibly the next years.

“Look, he’s got himself back onto the world stage, he’s got everybody’s attention.

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“But I often say if we don’t understand something, follow the money.

“And once again it’s about the money and for Putin, this is all about gas prices and oil prices.”

He continued: “Oil prices are going through the roof, gas prices as we all know and energy bills through the roof.

“That suits Russia, it suits Putin’s own bank account, he wants to keep prices at these levels or even higher!”

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Mr Tice ominously claimed the worst is yet to come, with oil and gas prices further ascending.

US President Joe Biden expects Russia to invade its eastern neighbour Ukraine, a suggestion that has so far been fiercely contested by Mr Putin himself.

The last three times that Russia was involved in wars oil prices grew by leaps and bounds.

He said: “That’s where I think the West is being naïve, thinking that these high-energy prices they are just temporary. 


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“No, no, no!

“If Putin has his way this is just the beginning and prices are going higher and higher.

“And I think that is what we got to be worried about, be anxious about, and from the government’s perspective that’s what they got to plan for.”

Fears of a Russian incursion remain high despite Kremlin stating that tanks and troops were being withdrawn from the border.

But NATO have always maintained that there are is no proof of that while Boris Johnson criticised Moscow for “sending mixed signals”, saying that Russia were building emergency field hospitals in Belarus which could be interpreted as “preparation” for an immediate invasion.

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