OAP breaks world record after swimming 3.5km in sea with hands and leg shackled

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A pensioner has broken a world record after swimming with handcuffs and leg shackles for an excruciating five hours in the Arabian sea.

Gangadhar G. Kadekar, from Udupi, India, said he had to swim like a dolphin to achieve his magnificent feat at the beginning of the week.

The 66-year-old entered the Golden Book of World Records by tackling a stretch of 3.5 km with both his hands and legs tied on Monday.

Proving that you are only as old as you feel, the swimmer set off at 7:50am from St Mary's Island and completed his gruelling trip at 1:25pm, reaching a groundbreaking distance in five hours and 35 minutes.

Mr Kadekar admitted that although he struggled at times, he did not lose his self-confidence as he revealed the reason that kept him going, reports India Times.

“I created this record to make children draw inspiration as I have been training many children in swimming. I have to prove something to children and I am happy," he said proudly.

Last year, he entered the India Book of Records by swimming 1.4 km in one hour and 28 minutes with his legs chained in the ‘Padmasana’ pose.

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The Padmasana pose, also known as the lotus pose, consists of a person having to position themselves to cross their legs.

At the age of 50, Mr Kadekar decided to take up swimming after he became concerned about young people drowning at sea.

He has trained youth for the past two years at Durga Swimming Club and has gained gold, silver and bronze awards at both state and national level competitions for seniors.

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