Nursery worker paedophile begs to be chemically castrated in early release plea

A convicted paedophile has requested to be chemically castrated in a desperate bid to be released from jail.

Aaron Collis was convicted to abusing 22 children in 2009 and confessed to owning indecent images of children and had carried out sexual assaults on minors.

The 34-year-old believes being chemically castrated will help him secure a release from life behind bars – with the procedure believed to last three to five years at the cost of £20,000.

His crimes include abusing an 18-month-old toddler and he is reported to be currently being held in a secure hospital.

The Mirror reports that the criminal hopes to be released or moved to an open prison – but has thus far had requests denied.

In 2017, an undercover reporter that he was able to gain access to porn on the internet while behind bars, was "defying rules to use a mobile phone" behind bars, and had been sending WhatsApp messages.

The confessions sparked alarm that the convicted paedophile could still be a risk to children – even while serving time.

Collis sought release in September – but was denied during a parole hearing in September.

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The Mirror reports court papers state he requested a review, arguing: "The board… should have deferred the consideration of [Collis’s] case for medication to manage sexual arousal."

However, there is reportedly a lack of evidence that chemical castration would reduce sexual arousal.

Collis left the court sickened when his crimes were discussed during his 2009 trial.

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth said at the time: "These were evil and repulsive offences any right-minded member of society can barely comprehend."

He was tried again in 2012 after he confessed to further offences.

The Mirror reports that during his lifetime as a member of society, Collis has worked at two nurseries – however, he did not abuse any of the children in his care at the workplace.

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