Nurse horrified to discover 20lb tumour with teeth and hair growing in her ovary

A tragic woman who was struggling to lose weight was horrified to discover a tumour with teeth and hair was growing inside her ovary.

Jaimi Conwell had been attempting to lose weight for years and and tried everything from exercising to calorie counting and keto foods.

She even started to gain weight rapidly, despite eating a healthy diet and working out twice a day, Mirror reports.

Jaimi, 28, a nurse from Texas, decided to see a doctor after realising something wasn't right in March.

“I would bend over to tie my shoe and get nauseous, which I thought was normal for bigger people," she recalled.

“I got my blood count checked to make sure everything was normal and my white blood cells came back abnormal.

“I was placed under anaesthesia, but was with my mum who I made a proxy so she could make any decisions for me.

“The doctor came in and told her I had a massive tumour in my abdomen that had engulfed my right ovary.

“He asked if they could remove it and my mum agreed, so I had the tumour along with my right ovary removed.

“After I woke up, I took a walk with my mum and I could see the worry in her face, so I knew something wasn’t right.

“She told me about the tumour and that they were unsure if it was benign.

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“I was in so much shock, that I can’t remember how I was thinking or feeling at the time."

Jaimi was diagnosed with a teratoma tumour, a slow-growing tumour that had been growing for her whole life.

The tumour weighed 20lbs, leading doctors to believe it was taking all of the nutrients from her body in order to grow. It also grew hair and contained teeth.

Jaimi said: “I was in shock, as that’s like having three kids inside of you.

“They said it could be due to a number of things and as my mum, grandfather and aunties are twins, maybe I had a twin in my mum's womb.

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“At first, I thought it would mean that I couldn’t have kids and I was devastated. All I have ever wanted was to have kids and start a big family."

Jaimi said she was depressed and "crying all the time" until medics assured her that her left ovary would be unaffected.

She got back on her exercise and diet routine, armed with the knowledge the tumour was likely the reason she had failed to lose weight.

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She's now shared her incredible progress on TikTok – having lost 7st 5lbs just one year on.

"You're so pretty," one viewer commented.

One person wrote: "Why's my glow up passing me?"

"You lowkey look like Kylie Jenner to me," another viewer said.

Someone else commented: "Naaahhhh comment section tripping, your transformation is insaneeee."

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