North Korea slams EU for pointing out dictatorships human rights abuses

North Korean leaders have hit out at the European Union for bringing forward a UN resolution condemning the “human rights situation” in the communist country.

The motion was submitted to the United Nations' Third Committee for approval last month, but representatives in Pyongyang claim it is based on “false and fabricated” documents.

If approved, it will then be voted on at the UN's General Assembly next month.

A spokesman for the North Korea-EU association said: “We have long rejected this slanderous 'resolution' full of false and fabricated documents to blindly defame our human rights policy and situation.

“The European countries with the worst records of human rights should do their job first, which is to deal with their own human rights trashes.”

According to The Korea Herald, South Korea has taken part in the adoption process by consensus, not as a co-sponsor of the resolution, since 2019 amid efforts to resume inter-Korean talks and nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang.

North Korea also claimed this week that no cases of Covid-19 were found after testing 669 people,

According to the World Health Organisation, 98 of those screen had “flu-like” illnesses, while 571 were health care workers.

The country claims that not one of the 44,133 people tested since the start of the pandemic have tested positive for the virus – allegedly making it the only country to have had zero cases of it.

However, Korea Central Television reported on Sunday: “Contrary to people’s predictions and expectations, the current worsening pandemic situation teaches a lesson that vaccines alone cannot change pandemic situations and that preventive measures should not be eased until this malignant virus becomes extinct.”

According to, the country has yet to begin vaccinating its population against Coronavirus, but leaders have criticised countries for “hoarding vaccines” even as state media has questioned their effectiveness.

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