Nicola Bulley pal angry cops painted her in unfair light with alcohol struggle

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    A pal of missing mum Nicola Bulley, 45, has hit out at police who "painted her in unfair light" by revealing her struggles with alcohol.

    An anonymous friend of the family believes police noted the alcohol troubles to "shift the focus away from the lack of progress in the case".

    Police previously revealed that the 45-year-old had "suffered with some significant issues with alcohol" in the past that had "resurfaced in recent months".

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    But a friend of the family has since said the mortgage advisor has been "painted" by police in an "unfair light" and hit out at the investigation, saying they "fear that the focus" will now shift.

    The unnamed friend, speaking to The Mirror said: "This has painted her in an unfair light. I think the police have done this to shift the focus onto this rather than on them and their lack of progress.

    "I think they want people to buy into their theory that she went into the river. I do fear that the focus will be on this now rather than trying to find Nikki.

    "We really need to focus on finding out what has happened and where she has gone. Focus needs to be given to the areas not covered by CCTV and following up on those dash cams."

    The unnamed friend has also commented on those TikTok investigators, one of which was recently arrested, Daily Star reported.

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    They said: "I think the tik tokers are taking the police away from what they need to be doing and wasting valuable resources.

    "However, I doubt it would have made much difference to the information that has been released. The police have released this info the shift the focus off them. This would still be the case without them.

    "Whatever is written will be out there in the public domain. Her daughters will read all of this one day."

    Daily Star previously reported that locals from St Michaels on Wyre have had to hire a security firm after being "terrified" by door-knockers and self-made sleuths peering into windows.

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