NHS nose job blagger says trolls have sent racist abuse to her mixed-race kids

A mum who is often trolled for being on OnlyFans has said sickos have bombarded her family with racist abuse.

Carla Bellucci also said keyboard warriors have labelled her a “4×4 mum” after her recent birth – despite three of her children having the same dad.

The 40-year-old, from Hitchin, Herts, said she has become numb to such comments but said the racist abuse of her children was too hurtful.

She told the Daily Star: “When it’s my kids it is harder to take. With me I always say you can come in at me and say what you want because I’m thick skinned.

“But when it comes to my kids it’s different. I get messages saying my daughter Tanisha looks like a monkey.

“She is also called a malteser a lot and I didn’t even know that was a thing. It is just awful.”

Carla, who famously bagged a free nose job on the NHS by faking depression, said her and her loved ones receive racist messages on a daily basis and some have been so disturbing that police have been contacted.

But most of the messages are from anonymous accounts making accountability almost impossible.

Carla added: “What I do is block them but two seconds later they open a new account and they will then go after Tanisha.

“What p****s me off is they never show themselves. I just think racism of any level is absolutely sick.

“I really wish these people would think before they speak and actually consider what they are saying. It makes me wonder what kind of upbringing they have had.”

Carla has four kids aged between two months and 18 including Tanisha, who is now 16.

And asked how her daughter copes with racist trolling, she said: “She is so well educated and so well grounded.

“She is disgusted by it but she’s very strong and confident and loves her race and she embraces it to the fullest.”

Carla’s first three children were with her ex-husband and in September Carla gave birth to her fourth child with her new partner.

She previously told the Daily Star about the traumatic birth of Blu where she almost died during an emergency C-section.

And she said trolls now constantly tell her she’s a “4×4 mum” over social media.

She explained: “I get trolled by people saying I’m a 4×4 mum and all my kids are from different dads, not that it would matter if it was true and I want to make that clear.

“Women have kids with different men and it happens and it’s not a big deal. But I think it’s disgusting how I’m called a s**g and things like that, it’s very uneducated.”

Carla added: “I know many men who have kids with different women and nobody says a thing, it’s not even mentioned.

“But if a woman has kids with different men it is so stereotyped, we are a s**g.

“Where is the equality in it? Really? In this day and age, how is it one rule for men and another for women? We are all human.”

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