Newlywed woman decapitated by car park entrance gate blown open in high winds

A woman who had married her husband only three months ago has died after a horror crash saw a car park gate swing through the couple's car and cut off her head.

Esther Nakajjigo lost her life when she was decapitated at an entrance to Arches National Park in Utah back in June.

The pair, from Denver, had married in March, and decided to drive to Utah to relieve the boredom of coronavirus quarantine.

But as they pulled into the national park on June 13 this year, a high wind blew an unlocked gate swinging out into the highway.

The metal pole cut through the couple's rented Chevy Malibu and cut off Esther's head.

"I went from the best time of my life to the worst, in one second," said grieving husband Ludovic Michaud. "I turned my head and saw what I wish I didn't see."

"She was the woman I was trying to spend my life with," said the Parisian expat. "Everything was perfect."

Ludovic's lawyer told Denver7 the entrance gate should have been locked open, and not allowed to swing freely.

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She also said it should have been installed to swing inwards for incoming traffic, not outwards.

"For the sake of a padlock and chain, that you have in your garage… that is all that would have made a difference in his world," Chang said.

Chang has now filed legal paperwork notifying the National Park Service that a lawsuit will be filed in U.S. District Court in Denver, seeking damages for Ludovic, and for Esther's parents.

Court documents also claim the gates are the same colour as the surrounding landscape, with nothing at all to set them apart to oncoming motorists.

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