Newborn baby died in roasting car ‘as mum got high and masturbated’

A mum left her newborn baby to die in a roasting-hot car while she then masturbated in bed, it has been alleged.

McKinley Garner was less than two months old when she lost her life in the sweltering vehicle in Panama City, Florida, on September 2.

Court papers said to have been seen by MailOnline say her mum Megan Dauphin, 30, was caught masturbating in a bedroom by an unidentified witness.

When she was asked about where her young daughter was, Dauphin is alleged to have exclaimed "Oh my God" before jumping out of bed and running to her car, where she found McKinley unresponsive.

Bay County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to Megan Dauphin’s home on Canal Avenue in Panama City on September 2, after her baby was found left in the car for several hours. The baby was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies say during the investigation that day, they found drug paraphernalia in the home that was consistent with the use of crystal meth.

Investigators say a blood analysis showed Dauphin was under the influence of meth the morning she left the child in the car.

One of Dauphin’s friends, who asked not to be named, told the mum had gone partying the weekend after McKinley’s death.

That friend said: "The Megan I knew would have never done this so this whole situation is very shocking to me…

"All I keep picturing in my head is that beautiful baby girl wrapped up in the swaddle blanket I bought off your baby shower and to imagine her life get taken from that innocent child because of a mother leaving her child unattended in a hot car is so disturbing."

Detectives from Bay County Sheriff’s Office then began investigating Dauphin, and are said to have found drug paraphernalia in her home consistent with crystal meth use.

Dauphin, 30, is charged with aggravated manslaughter of a child.

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