New York governor warns other US states to ramp up COVID 19 fight – ‘look at us’

Andrew Cuomo said the highest point of the crisis, with most deaths and infections, will not come until the end of April. Between Tuesday and Wednesday, New York saw an increase of 7,941 infections, with a total of 83,712.

In the same period, 391 people died, taking the death toll from 1,550 to 1,941.

Mr Cuomo warned other states of what is to come for them and urged them to plan ahead now.

In a press conference in Albany, Gov Cuomo addressed people in more rural stated: “This is not just a New York problem.

“People watch their nightly news in Kansas and say, ‘it’s a New York problem.’ Well it’s not.

“It’s a New York problem today. Tomorrow, it’s a Kansas problem, a Texas problem, a New Mexico problem. Look at us today, see yourself tomorrow,” he added.

Addressing social distancing, he urged NYPD to reprehend “selfish, reckless” who do not respect social distancing measures and continue to gather in large groups.

He said: “The NYPD has got to get more aggressive. Period. If you’re going to force me into a position where I have to mandate it and make it a law, a social distancing law – which I think is absurd – it has to be enforced.

“How reckless and irresponsible and selfish for people not to do it on their own? What else do you have to know?

“Who else has to die for you to to understand you have a responsibility in this?”

More than 1,000 NYPD officers have contracted Covid-19 and there are fears the department could soon become highly understaffed.

In the meantime, State Police are providing cover for those who are ill, but police officers from other communities will have to fill in too if the NYPD is too short-staffed.

According to the Bill Gates foundation, 90,000 will die from Covid-19 in the US by the end of the pandemic, but only 16 percent of those deaths will happen in New York.

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Cuomo’s younger brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, has tested positive for coronavirus, as he admits he does not know for certain when the outbreak will end.

Gov Cuomo has admitted that he was “frightened” by the news of his brother’s diagnosis but that it was “illustrative” of how no one is safe from the virus.

“Anyone can get it. No one can be protected from it. I couldn’t protect my own brother with all he knows and as smart as he is.

“He couldn’t protect himself. Anyone can get it,” he said.

On New York’s soaring figures, Cuomo said: “We are out of control. We are in a place we have never been in before,

“I don’t think we go back to normal. We get back, we get to a new normal. We’re seeing so many facets of society right now. We will be in a different place. Our challenge is to make sure that the transformation and change is positive,

“You could get wary of intimacy and contact and density – what a terrible thing to live with as a human being. What a cruel torture.

“Isolate yourself from other people, be afraid of hugging someone. Just think how emotionally and personally repugnant that concept is,” he said.

Gov Cuomo said he relies on several projections that show him when the virus will strike.

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