NASA tracks killer asteroid size of 38 Caribbean Flamingos that may hit Earth

NASA is monitoring a "city-killer" asteroid the size of "38 Caribbean Flamingos" that could hit Earth on Valentine's Day in 2046.

The Flamingo unit of measurement of course did not come from NASA, but from 'Non-State-Affiliated Agenda-Free News Media' Twitter profile Terror Alarm.

The newly discovered asteroid, called 2023 DW, has raised eyebrows this week due to an estimated 1-in-670 chance of impact with Earth.

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The asteroid could be as wide as 165 feet (50 meters) and science-based news website Inverse offered a more helpful size comparison, saying that 2023 DW is around the size of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

Terror Alarm, which has described recent asteroids as being "the size of 4 Adult Brontosaurus Dinosaurs" and "the size of 23 Borzoi dogs – 5-year-old male", generate quite the response to their metrics.

"Why are they describing sizes so strangely?" someone asked.

A second said: "I wish Americans for once would use the metric system".

"Think of all those feathers in the atmosphere when it collides," a third said.

Someone asked "what is the size in T-Rexs?" after the dinosaur-themed asteroid tweet.

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On March 18, Terror Alarm tweeted: "Asteroid the size of 17 Asiatic Lions (5-7 year old male) to pass Earth today according to NASA."

"What kind of comparison is this?" asked one confused respondent. Another added: "What happened to the 69 alligators unit of measurement from the last time!"

"We Americans use anything but the metric system for measurements," said another.

But it may not a laughing matter, as Inverse reported that if a 50-meter-wide asteroid were to plunge through Earth’s atmosphere, it could create an airburst with as much power as a nuclear bomb

They said a blast of that size "could destroy a city."


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