Mutant piglet with elephants trunk growing out of forehead sign of good luck

An adorable mutant piglet has been called a symbol of good fortune after it was born with a strange defect on its forehead.

The creature was born on Friday as one of a litter of 12 piglets on the island of Negros in the Philippines, but this newborn was different from its siblings as it had what appeared to be an elephant-like trunk on its forehead.

Pictures of the creature showed the strange animal's long trunk-like appendage protruding from its forehead in addition to the usual pig snout found in the usual spot.

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Dailyn Delada Desabille, who owns the piglets' mother, was shocked when she saw the creature.

"We were all shocked that its face was like that," she said.

"It looks like an elephant with a snout on its forehead, its two eyes are close together and its feet are big like an elephant’s.

"I was surprised and pitied it."

However not everyone felt sympathy for the baby pig – after Dailyn shared pictures of the beast online, people began responding that it could bring her good luck.

She added: "They say it’s lucky because of the piglet’s strange face."

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However the piglet itself wasn't so lucky, only surviving 30 minutes after its birth before it died and Dailyn buried it.

"It died because he couldn't breathe properly," Dailyn explained.

Deformities such as this can be caused by a number of factors including genetics, nutrition, poisoning, or abnormal metabolism, and similar occurrences have been known to happen in the past.

Back in July, a baby cow was born earlier with two heads, shocking the residents of its Brazilian hometown.

The creepy-looking calf was born on a farm in the village of Tapera do Peixe in the Bahia state of the South American country on Monday (July 18) to a very protective mother, before dying four days after its birth as a result of its genetic defect.

Cattle breeder Elidan Oliveira Sousa said: "It's a rare occurrence, an unusual case. My daughter was astonished because she had never seen such a rare event."

Much like the pig, the cow didn't survive long, but managed to cling on for four days before passing away.


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