Mums warning after son, 5, dies in horror accident with dinosaur helium balloon

A distraught mum wants to warn other parents that helium balloons can be deadly after the tragic death of her five-year-old-son.

Youngster Karlton Noah Donaghey lost his life after he tried to climb into a large dinosaur balloon at the family’s home in Gateshead.

Heartbroken Lisa Donaghey, 43, found her son on the floor with the balloon over his head and neck before he was raced to hospital in a helicopter and put on a ventilator.

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But sadly Karlton died at the Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI) in Newcastle after six days in intensive care.

The devastated mum told Chronicle Live: “I think he put himself in the balloon to be a dinosaur to go outside and surprise his nieces…

“As a mother, I knew he was gone, he was unresponsive. He had his eyes wide open and he was pale.

“I just collapsed outside on the grass. I must have screamed and screamed and screamed. I couldn't bare to come back in.”

Dedicated Lisa didn’t leave her son’s side as he stayed in the critical care unit.

She read to Karlton, sang to him and even put Vaseline on his lips as he was being looked after by heroic medics.

"They took the sedation off him and he deteriorated rapidly,” Lisa added.

“I had the beautiful opportunity to lie in bed with him, to hum and sing in his ear and cuddle him on my chest until his little heart stopped…

“Karlton had a caring nature and he always thought of others. He was polite and he was mischievous, he was a total character.

“He was my little best friend and my little sidekick, we did everything together from morning until night."

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In light of the tragedy, brave Lisa wants to make sure no other parent has to go through the trauma she did.

She warned: "It's a toxic that can take a life in seconds. It's very dangerous… it can take a child's life and it can take an adult's life.”

More than £7,500 has already been raised on aGo Fund Me pagethe funeral and a memorial in Karlton’s name.


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