Mum who scalded her son, 5, to death and kept him in cage avoids death penalty

A woman who scalded her five-year-old son to death has managed to avoid the death penalty for her horrific killing.

Azlin Arujunah, 30, has been sentenced to life in prison, initially a 27-year imprisonment, for keeping her son in a cat cage and scalding him to death.

Her husband, Ridzuan Mega Abdul Rahman, 30, will also be sentenced to 27 years in prison to life imprisonment, The Court of Appeal has stated.

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The sickening crimes against the five-year-old took place in a Toa Payoh flat in Singapore, with scalding noted as the cause of death for the youngster.

Both Arujunah and Rahman were said to have been responsible for the death of their son, who they poured scalding water onto, causing cumulative scald injuries over a week in October 2016.

The boy is said to have also been hit with a hanger, confined to a cat cage and pinched with pliers, as well as splashed and poured over with boiling water.

He was also said to have limped in pain and had a number of blisters and peeling skin on his body at the time of the crimes.

A court had heard previously that Azlin had been abused as a child and had hot water splashed on her when she was young.

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Despite the pair initially being acquitted of murder, they were eventually convicted after a prosecution appeal, followed by a grant from the Court of Appeal.

Although the prosecution was successful in receiving a murder charge for the pair, they failed to receive a grant for a death penalty.

The key factor, it appeared, was that Azlin did not understand that death could have happened through the continued scalding and abuse of the child, Mothership reported.

A trial judge found that Azlin had not intentionally inflicted injuries sufficient enough to kill her son.

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