Mum who had hands chopped off with axe by ex ‘insanely happy’ after remarrying

A mum-of-two whose violent husband chopped her hands off with an axe after wrongly accusing her of being unfaithful is now "insanely happy" after secretly remarrying.

Margarita Grachyova, 27, who had complex surgery after the barbaric medieval-style attack, marked her first wedding anniversary on the weekend.

The Russian campaigner – who has been praised for her work against domestic abuse – invited family and friends to what they believed was her wedding.

But as they were due to change rings in St Petersburg, her new spouse Maxim told guests: "There will definitely not be a wedding today.”

He threw the ring box into a nearby river.

Margarita added: "Our wedding was supposed to be today, but it won't be.

“Because today is our first wedding anniversary.”

In December 2017, her ex Dmitry Grachyov, 27, a trained psychologist, struck her 40 times with a blunt axe and cut off both hands.

He was “crazed with jealousy” over a suspected affair which she strongly denied.

The monster was jailed for 14 years over the attack and his victim had one hand sewn back, but now has only partial use.

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She had complex surgery to have a "bionic hand" fitted.

Margarita – who divorced him – wrote a book called Happy Without Hands aimed at helping women who suffer domestic violence.

She urged them “to leave tyrant husbands and understand how abnormal it is to live with such a person”.

And she posed as a model to “regain” her confidence and made her first parachute jump.

She denied being too hasty in her secret wedding, 19 months after the appalling axe attack.

Margarita said: “I did not rush with it but I also did not ask for his entire pedigree, trying to figure out if he is a potential abuser.

“People often ask me how to protect myself from an abuser.

“Alas, I have no answer.

“A person can change at any second.

“But even that did not make me give up the relationship in the future. You have to believe in good things.”

She said her two boys get on well with her new husband, adding: "The children partly know the truth about what happened, they know that (my ex-husband) is in prison.

“They do not consider him as their dad.”

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