Mum-to-be told she is dying after waking up not being able to feel her toes

A mum-to-be was halfway through her pregnancy term when told she had an incurable brain tumour.

Laura Elizabeth Mahon was 20 weeks pregnant when doctors delivered the cataclysmic news.

She first noticed something was not quite right when she couldn’t move her toes after waking up, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The 29-year-old said: “I didn’t think too much about it, after all I was pregnant and was feeling tired. But things got worse and I could no longer move my right leg and was struggling to walk. Over the following week, I was unable to feel much of my right leg.”

Laura’s GP believed her baby was pressing against a nerve and sent her to the Walton Centre for an MRI scan of her back.

But when the results came back clear she was sent for another scan on her brain.

Laura said: “I was told the news that I had a brain tumour. They told me it had more than likely been there for years and years, and had now started growing.

“It was such a shock, I’m only 29 and didn’t think something like this could happen to me.”

Laura was told that this was a very unique case and they wanted to monitor her before deciding what to do.

But when she became extremely unwell at 27 weeks pregnant, Laura and her husband Danny, 28, made the difficult decision to bring their baby daughter into the world at 30 weeks.

Sienna Grace Laura Mahon was born at Warrington Hospital on November 30 last year, weighing just 3.4lbs.

Sienna was taken to the neonatal ward and placed in an incubator, but after suffering from a collapsed lung she was transferred to Royal Oldham Hospital.

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On December 9, Laura had an MRI scan which revealed the tumour had nearly doubled in size and she was told it was now inoperable because it was on her motor cortex and it wouldn’t be safe to remove it.

Laura said: “They could only do a biopsy, but were only able to remove around 20% of it. I was devastated because I’d got my hopes up.”

After receiving the results of her biopsy on December 22, Laura was told she had just two years left to live.

Laura and Danny, who had got engaged in April last year, decided to get married on January 6.

Laura said: “Danny and I had prepared ourselves for the worst. Being told at 29 that you have inoperable stage 4 brain cancer and that I had just two years to live is something you can never prepare yourself for.”

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