Mum punches toddler for taking contact lenses before dad buries her alive

A two-year-old was killed after her mum allegedly punched her in the stomach for taking her contact lenses.

Nevaeh Allen died of a head injury after hitting her head on a cabinet, which prosecutors say happened when mum Lanaya Cardwell punched her in the chest.

The beautiful toddler fell back and hit her head, gaining a fatal injury, WBRZ reported.

Cardwell is now charged with second-degree murder in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – but dad Phillip Gardner isn't off the hook, either.

Though Gardner tried to save her with CPR, arrest documents state, he put Neveah's body in a suitcase and buried it in the woods.

Because Nevaeh had severe brain trauma, the coroner explained, the child may still have been alive when she was stuffed into the case by her dad.

Squeezing the child into a tight space might have caused her to suffocate, he said.

Gardner has now been charged with second-degree murder, obstruction of justice and unlawful disposal of remains.

He initially reported his daughter missing, causing a days-long police search involving the FBI.

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Later, Gardner led cops to the forest location where he buried the suitcase containing Nevaeh.

The negligent parents were watching two other kids at the time, a 3-year-old and an 11-month-old baby.

They were not harmed, but did accompany Gardner when he disposed of the suitcase.

Gardner said mum Cardwell had been abusive on previous occasions, but never intervened nor reported it.

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He couldn't explain why he didn't call 911 when he realised Nevaeh needed urgent medical help.

Nevaeh's autopsy showed she had bruising on her face and head and swelling in her brain.

She also had marks on her face which looked like handprints, and punch wounds to her stomach.

Both suspects are being held without the possibility of bail till a judge holds a bond hearing.

The court appearance is scheduled for tomorrow, Monday October 4.

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