Mum can’t wait to meet convicted burglar husband who she’s never been alone with

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A British mum can't wait to be alone with her jail inmate husband, who she married after their eighth meeting.

Becci Thompson, 32, flew to Los Angeles to wed American convict Travis Thompson in prison in 2018.

They had only met eight times before, but the mum believed he was 'the one', despite the fact they've never been alone together.

And now she's counting down the days to his release in three months time.

His impending release means the carer, from Staines, Surrey, gets to be alone with him for just two days in an apartment on the prison grounds in January next year.

It'll be the first time they get a chance to consummate the marriage as well.

Becci said it's 'pretty exciting' when opening up to Real Fix, a new podcast about extraordinary true stories and the people behind them.

Speaking to the podcast, she said: "I'm looking forward to it.

"It will be nice to actually spend a bit of time together where we're not in such a controlled environment.

"We will be able to just do silly things, things like cooking, and just being able to do stuff without having the guards staring at you.

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"They have little apartments out there. It's got everything you would normally have in home – so cooking facilities, TV, etc.

"We basically get a few days just left alone, and just get on with it really.

"That will be happening early next year, so that's pretty exciting."

Thompson, 33, is serving eight years and seven months for burglary and gun offences, and has a large tattoo spelling 'hatred' on his forehead.

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Becci began writing to death row prisoners around five years ago, with her first pen pal being a killer who'd been inside since the 80s.

She started writing to Travis in 2016 and they "clicked straight away", despite her having a partner at the time.

The mum-of-four saved up money to go and visit him in prison and they married on the grounds in November 2018.

Travis is due to be released from Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego, in 2023, after having time added for allegedly being involved in fights.

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But the pair hope it will be sooner if he can keep up his 'good behaviour'.

She can't wait for his release so they can start a new life together with her four young children.

"They see that I'm happy and they really just want their mum to be happy," she told the weekly podcast.

"They know what exactly that has happened.

"I've always been really open with the children.

"People talk and people speculate, and I wanted the children to understand what he's in for, not what people think he's in for."

Listen to the Real Fix podcast here.

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