Mum called ‘Corona’ says she gets prank calls and abuse because of her name

A mum-of-five has faced tons of abuse because of her unusual name, "Corona."

Corona Newton revealed she had been bullied even before the notorious coronavirus came to light – with people calling her beer-related names.

However, since the start of the pandemic, people have become more "aggressive" regarding her birth name.

The 49-year-old civil servant from Oldham said: "People used to call me Guinness and Budweiser.

"That I could always laugh off. But this is more frustrating, especially when it gets aggressive," reports BBC.

Corona also said she is given peculiar looks when she books tables at restaurants: "People have said to me 'as if I'm going to listen to somebody named after a virus'," she said.

The mum-of-five is often at the receiving end of "really nasty" cold callers, with people calling up to say: "Is that the virus?"

She also said while driving her daughter to the dentist, she got a phone call and a man began to swear at her.

"He screamed down the phone at me 'what does it feel like to [do] the world over?'" She said.

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Her name was chosen by her parents who were mulling over the names Sarah and Caroline and were unable to decide so went with "Corona," after the missionary midwife who delivered her.

The name in fact comes from the Latin word for crown, and is a common Spanish surname.

Her name has become an increasing struggle since the pandemic started, and she says it was easier to laugh it off before.

"I had my hen do in Blackpool not long before lockdown started in March," she said.

"We played 'guess my name' with strangers and no-one managed it, so they all had to buy me shots."

But now she chooses to remain positive despite being at the receiving end of abuse and jokes.

She said: "In these tough times, if I've brightened someone's day by having a funny name, so be it.

"At least no-one will ever forget me."

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