Moment obstetrician delivers wifes baby inside their apartment buildings lift

An obstetrician took working from home to another level when he helped his wife deliver their own baby girl in the elevator of their apartment building.

Dr Danilo Almieda rushed back to the block of flats in central Brazil after Deborah Bittar phoned his office to tell her husband that she was going into labour with their second daughter.

The pair were all set to head off to the hospital in the city of Anapolis and got into the lift with that intention.

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But it quickly became apparent that baby Julia did not want to delay her entry into the world any longer.

Dr Almeida shared footage from a security camera in the building on his Instagram account last week, which shows nutritionist Deborah standing by the elevator door as it is about to close.

And, from that moment, things escalated very quickly.

Deborah is seen placing her hand on her stomach during a contraction and squats as she senses that she is about to give birth.

She then stretches out her arm to prevent the lift door from shutting.

"It was all very fast and incredible," Dr Almedia told Brazilian news portal G1. "I went home and saw that she was already eight centimetres dilated. We were going to the hospital, but Julia decided to be born in the elevator."

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The doctor, who has delivered more than 5,000 babies during his career, is videoed dropping Deborah's hospital bags on to the floor and handing over Julia to his wife whilst he cuts the umbilical cord.

Shortly afterwards, Deborah is shown walking down the hall while carrying her new-born baby in a blanket.

Dr Almeida admitted that he was shocked by the speed and location of the delivery.

"Most of the deliveries I have are normal," he reasoned. "So-called 'jet-births' last less than two hours. I've seen others, but this one took me by surprise."


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