Moment dad has to save his son from ferocious attack by monkeys

Dad rescues toddler son after monkey attack in Thailand

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The dramatic moment an Australian dad had to raise his fists to defend his sons from a gang of monkeys on a Thai beach has been caught on camera. Influencer Riley Whitelum, 38, and partner Elayan Carausu, 29, were filming and sailing around the Ko Phi Phi islands with their sons Lenny, five, and one-year-old Darwin when they came under attack.

The couple travel all over the world sailing to stunning locations and they share their journeys on their YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabonde.

But in their latest clip posted online the idyllic surroundings of a day at the beach turned ugly when a group of long-tailed macaques took an interest in the couple’s belongings.

A barefoot and bare-legged Mr Whitelum tries to shoo the inquisitive critters away but some of the animals make a break for his two sons standing on the beach just a few feet away.

Clenching his fists Mr Whitelum can be seen in a stand-off with the monkeys and at one point he has to grab his youngest son in his arms to protect him.

In a heart-pounding few moments Mr Whitelum is forced to take a swing at the macaques to get them to back away from his family and belongings.

As Ms Carausu returns to the beach from snorkelling to see what has happened, Mr Whitelum tells her: “I’ve been in a punch up with a dozen monkeys. I feel bad for punching a monkey, but they went for Darwin, it was scary. None of the people on the beach helped.”


Luckily the couple were able to retrieve camera equipment and phones, but the family said they needed shots for tetanus and rabies. They said there was no food left in the bags the monkeys were approaching.

The couple, who have 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, showed how they received treatment after the encounter. They revealed the beach had been host to a number of monkey attacks on tourists.

Large male macaques, also known as crab-eating macaques, can weigh up to 5kg and jump over fiften feet. They have large canines and will react aggressively if threatened.

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