Missing woman found ‘naked and dirty’ in storm drain after 3 weeks lost in sewer

A woman has been rescued from a rubbish-filled storm drain – two weeks after going missing during a swimming session in a canal.

Lyndsey Jane Kennedy, 43, was found naked in the eight foot deep concrete tube after a passerby heard her cries for help.

She had last been seen on March 3 when she went for a swim in a canal near her boyfriend's home in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Authorities hoisted to safety as a crowd of bemused onlookers watched, filming the moment the filthy woman was pulled from the stinking drain.

A photo shows her sat on the curb in a white towel, with just her dirty legs and feet visible.

A spokesperson for Delray Beach police told WPLG the rescue was “by far one of the most bizarre incidents that our officers have responded to.”

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“She was lucky. I don’t know how much longer she would have been OK down there. The idea that somebody might be down there for any length of time is disturbing.”

The storm water drain was covered in rubbish.

The New York Post obtained a police incident report which reveals more details about how she ended up in the subterranean tunnel systems.

It reads: “She claimed that she became curious as to where the tunnel led and continued to follow it. That tunnel led to another tunnel and so on until she realized that she was lost.

"Kennedy claimed she had been walking around the sewer system for approximately 3 weeks."

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Apparently she saw "some light" and headed there hoping to get someone's attention, and to be saved.

The paper also spoke her mum, who said that Lyndsey has a history of mental illness and drug use, and is prescribed heroin-substitute methadone.

The incident report said: “[Her mum] also stated that Kennedy has a history of doing odd things and making bad decisions when she is high on drugs.

"It was also found out that Kennedy is a methadone patient and she had her last dose on [March 2], a day before she was reported missing.”

After being taken to hospital, she was released, but it is noted that police asked for her to undergo a psychological assessment.

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