Mini robots improving the taste of beer by swimming in it, experts say

Beer could be made even better thanks to mini robots who are going to take a dip and go swimming in it.

Researchers believe the so-called BeerBots could potentially boost the brewing process.

The developers set out to create a self-propelled bot which will make fermentation happen faster and simplify the separation of yeast from the final beer.

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The 2mm-wide robots are made of iron oxide and contain yeast to supercharge the process.

When they have finished swimming around, they can be removed with a magnet, avoiding having to add in a filtering stage.

Typically, the fermentation process normally takes as long as four weeks.

During that time, unwanted microorganisms can get in and spoil the final product with sour flavours.

Dr Martin Pumera, of the Czech Republic’s Brno University of Technology, has been working on the self-propelled bot.

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Based on these results, he and his researchers claim that BeerBots could produce tasty brews faster.

Meanwhile, new research suggests that a beer a day could keep the doctor away after revealing the surprising health benefits of the beverage.

The research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, looked at men who drank one can of alcoholic or non-alcoholic lager a day and noted any health changes.

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They found that after four weeks, diversity improved in the gut microbiome, which is the collection of microbes which live in the intestinal tract.

This is good news for moderate beer drinkers because having a more diverse gut microbiome is linked with a reduction in a number of serious diseases including heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and MS.

Although being teetotal is always a healthier option, the research sheds a light on how moderate beer drinking could be healthier than previously thought.


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