Millionaire claims being poor is lifestyle choice people cry about

A self-made millionaire has sparked controversy after claiming that many poor people choose to be less well-off.

The aptly named business coach and entrepreneur Derek Moneyberg argued in an interview that money is a "lifestyle choice".

He claimed he is living proof of this, after being born into poverty in Chicago to a "crazy" mother and a dad who spent time in prison when Moneyberg was young.

Moneyberg took jobs including cutting grass, raking leaves and shovelling snow, and worked a paper round. The 42-year-old went on to get a scholarship to study business administration at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois and became a millionaire by the age of 29. He quit his last "job" when he was 19, according to his website.

He told The Sun that anyone who wants a good lifestyle has to work for it, but that many people don't want to put the work in.

"Why would the world be so crazy to go around highly rewarding a bunch of undeserving people?" he said.

"People who choose to stay dumb while hoping for smart people outcomes deserve their miserable lives.

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"I grew up very poor. I could tell you stories and we’d all cry together. You’d have your sad personal stories as well. So we could all cry together like a bunch of lames."

The habits we have, he said, are what separates "wealthy people from poor people". This includes what you spend your money on.

He claimed that poor people spend their money on "trendy" items while the rich "invest in education" and buy assets.

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His advice for those wanting to be wealthy was to start putting money in places that will make people more money.

He also said if people spend money on "stupid s***" they will remain "broke" and it's "100%" their fault.

Moneyberg said people need to work "extremely hard" for 6.5 days every week in their 20s and 30s, or they will be doing "mediocre" by the time they reach their 50s and 60s.

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