Mia Khalifas 3-word slam for troll saying seek forgiveness for raunchy past

Former Pornhub star Mia Khalifa had the perfect three-word put down for a troll telling her to seek forgiveness for her past in the adult industry.

OnlyFans star Mia rose to fame on adult websites but retired from porn in 2015.

She has previously been openly critical of the porn industry for "trapping" people into contracts.

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She also said part of the reason she left was death threats she received from ISIS after starring in a video while wearing a hijab.

Yesterday (Thursday, February 23) the Lebanese-American star shared a fairly innocuous video on Twitter, dancing in her bathroom and using her toothbrush as a microphone as she sang along to a Nicki Minaj song.

One Twitter user saw it as an opportunity to take a dig at Mia. They replied: "You said in the media that 'people look at me with bad eyes because of my past' yesterday.

"Watching this video feels like that. If you are the same as you were, then people will look at you with the same eyes.

"Ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty with a sincere heart."

Mia has rarely been one to hold back, and this occasion was no different.

Retweeting the comment for her 5.3 million followers to see, she snapped back: "Go f**k yourself."

This comes after she forced a rapper to make a grovelling apology after he "chased" her at a show and "disrespected" her online.

Mia has been at Milan Fashion Week this week and was stopped for a picture by Polish musician Zabson.

Zabson posted the snap on Instagram, initially with the caption "you can be my sidehoe" – a reference to one of his songs.

Mia herself commented on the post, saying: "You gonna also tell them how your desperate ass clout chased me out the show to ask for a second photo with better lighting just to put a disrespectful caption? Moves almost as lame as your music, but god bless."

The rapper's original post was removed but he reuploaded the image, this time with the caption as: "I'm so sorry Mia as your fan I didn't plan to offend you. That was [a] stupid choice of words and I regret it."

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