Mia Khalifa shows off trim figure despite munching burgers four days in a row

One-time porn phenomenon Mia Khalifa has been showing off her physique on Instagram and people's jaws are still dropping despite the OnlyFans star munching on fast food four days in a row.

The OnlyFans star treated her fans to a carousel of images on her Instagram as she frolicked with her friends in Palm Springs, California, US.

The first and most eye-popping of the images was of the 30-year-old kicking back in the sun and smoking what appears to be a marijuana joint.

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The Lebanese-American personality's sunwear got the attention of fans, mostly for its scant size and peculiar 'lucky star' design.

And the porn legend revealed she has the svelte figure despite munching on burgers and fries from In-N-Out Burger "four days in a row".

Taking to her Instagram stories, the star uploaded a picture of the greasy burger and fries meal and wrote alongside an embarrassed face emoji: "Four days in a row."

Khalifa has previously said that her fit body is the result of "five days grinding in the gym every f**king week so I can go on a guilt free culinary excursion every few months and be able to drown my protein in a creamy morel sauce…"

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It comes as content has been flowing onto her Instagram story from her time in California and she’s even spent some time smoking 'Khalifa Kush.'

She’s popped up at a Marc Jacobs party and was even spotted wearing a see-through get-up to watch girl group Blackpink.

Mia has still been busy hanging out with her mates around the pool and spending some time relaxing.

Multiple snaps have included her showing off and enjoying some of her newly announced Khalifa Kush collaboration with musician Wiz Khalifa.

She’s also taken snaps of the local flora and fauna, with a sweet little yellow flower poking out the top of a smoke and romantic-backing-tracked clips have followed a small bird lifting off from a tree.

There have been lavish meals with bacon, eggs and avocado in the shade, with one of her pals seemingly constantly wrapped in a blanket and another exclusively wearing a bikini.

At one point she tucks into a gummy sweet from a tin with the caption: “Alice going down the rabbit hole”.

Another clip, captioned, “the content y’all want” sees the camera pan around to Mia and a mate having a twerk-off as the sun beats down.

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