Mia Khalifa hits out at privileged point of view over warnings about sex work

Former top pornstar Mia Khalifa has issued a stark warning about working in the sex work industry.

Lebanon-born Mia, 29, gave up her porn career in 2017, despite becoming the all-time top star on Pornhub in her first two months.

And she has now been warning everyone about her former industry on social media.

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A conversation on the topic had been started by call girl and dancer Felicity Hunt who had been listening to a podcast featuring former pornstar Chloe Cherry.

On the episode, she was talking to model Emily Ratajkowski about being in the sex industry.

During the chat, she said that being a sex worker was safer than being a waitress.

This sparked furious debate.

Hunt said: “Her stance on sex work being way safer than waitressing is frankly mortifying, and doesn't speak of the immense amount of privilege her success has afforded her (and) not everyone goes into sex work because they thought it would be fun.

“Not everyone has had the privilege of not getting harassed or assaulted doing SW.

“I tend to agree more with Mia Khalifa – while I would love to think we live in a world where a young person can freely and confidently enter SW and be assured safety, security, a living wage, and more, we aren't there yet.”

Her long tweet thread brought backlash from some in the industry.

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One person, claiming to be a webcam model called Aria Olivia, asked why all sex-workers are “expected to do a disclaimer every time they have anything positive to say”.

It was at this point Mia got involved, calling the comment a “privileged point of view”.

Expanding further on her point, she said: “Yes… I think that’s the least of what any SW’er who’s found (RARE) success in the industry can do.

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“It should absolutely be caveated by a warning because out of the few dozen or maybe few hundred women every year that find success, there’s MILLIONS of women hurt by it.”

Mia has spoken on many occasions of the abuse she suffered in the industry, and has since turned herself into a social media influencer who speaks out about the bad side of the sex industry when the need arises.

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