MI5 using emoji test to hunt next gen of super spies – but you must crack code

MI5 are hunting for the next line of super spies to join the agency – by using an emoji test.

Wannabe spooks are forced to pass a series of tough tests in their fight to become one of the UK’s top secret agents, and now one of the tests has been given a modern-day twist.

Budding intelligence agents now must pass an emoji decoding test – where they must crack a code using an emoji keyboard from a smartphone.

Letters line up alongside emojis, with applicants then required to suss out the message looking only at the emoji pictures.

The ‘crack the code’ game is meant to weed out applicants with a lack of memory or who cannot work out codes.

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Only British citizens can apply for jobs at the highly secret intelligence agency, and a strict “vetting” process is undertaken for anyone who catches the top bosses eyes.

To get any job, applicants must pass a series of competency interviews and tests, including the emoji test, before undertaking a drugs test and a documents check in a step-by-step process.

Those wanting to become a spook are only allowed to move onto the next stage if they pass the previous.

In a recent job advert for top secret drivers, MI5 said: “To work in any role you need the highest security clearance, known as Developed Vetting (DV).

"It’s something everyone in the UK Intelligence Community has to go through and it can take some time.”

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