Mexicos cartels recruiting drug mules on GTA as gamer busted with 60kg of meth

Mexico's bloodthirsty cartels are playing Grand Theft Auto to recruit gamers online, it has been reported.

Police suspected gangs were preying on players but turned up little evidence until a drug runner revealed how she ended up with 60kg of methamphetamine in her car.

Customs and Border Protection officials in Arizona found Alyssa Navarro with the massive haul of drugs inside a Jeep Cherokee last November.

She explained that 11 months earlier she was playing GTA when she met a man called George began messaging her over the game before they got talking on Snapchat.

Navarro added that they eventually met in Phoenix after George offered her up to $2,000 (£1,500) per job as a 'runner' driving electronics through the US border.

Federal investigators read George promised Navarro "a lot of money" and offered the use of a truck which they believe to be the Jeep she was stopped in.

Navarro was instructed to meet someone called Alfredo in Mexico who handed the car over to her and advised that she stopped off at petrol stations until she met another unidentified individual.

Drug cartels are known for smuggling drugs into electronics but in this case the narcotics were found by border patrol, hidden in the fuel tank.

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When investigators asked Navarro whether she thought the whole thing was odd or dodgy she admitted that seemed strange, and even asked herself: "What am I doing?" during her bus journey to Mexico.

Navarro case saw her plead not guilty to charges of conspiracy to import and sell methamphetamine, as well as possession.

A month before than the incident last year, three children had been recruited over popular mobile battle royal game Free Fire, police in Oaxaca, Mexico reported.

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The kids had been groomed into criminal activity with the offer of $200 (£150) per week for being lookouts for a cartel.

It was also reported at the time that drug dealers claiming to belong to dangerous gangs, including the Sinaloa Cartel, were playing the online multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V, late at night to recruit children.

Rockstar Games' GTA has been a mainstream favourite of gamers immersing themselves into the life of a gangster over the past couple of decades.

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