Meth-mad monks sent to rehab for addiction with Buddhist temple left empty

Meth-mad monks have left their temple without any religious leaders after they were all shipped off to rehab for testing positive for having the drug in their system.

Four monks including the abbot at the centre in Phetchabun, Thailand were rushed to a recovery clinic to be rehabilitated for methamphetamine.

They were selected for urine tests by cops on Monday amid a huge national crackdown on drug trafficking, with all the monks who worked at the temple failing to provide a sample free from meth.

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Boonlert Thintapthai told AFP: "The temple is now empty of monks and nearby villagers are concerned they cannot do any merit-making.”

The news has caused panic amongst locals, the official said, as without monks in the temple they will struggle to complete the important Buddhist practice where worshippers can complete good deeds by supplying their religious leaders with food.

Officials have now frantically requested more monks and have asked the local monastic chief to send fresh religious leaders to the temple in the Bung Sam Phan district.

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Thailand cops have tightened their grip on drug crime in the country with meth flooding across their borders from Myanmar.

Seizures of the drug reached its highest ever level in 2021 with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha vowing to clampdown even further after evil ex-cop Panya Khamrapm, 34, carried out the worst massacre the country had ever seen after he was fired for possession of meth.

His frenzied rampage in the Uthai Sawan daycare centre on October 6) saw twin brothers and a heavily pregnant teacher among 37 killed, with the drug-related incident seeing even stricter rules adopted throughout Thailand.

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