Met Office warns of scorching 43C temperatures on hottest day in UK history

The Met Office has issued a warning that temperatures could soar to 43C on Tuesday.

The forecaster's chief executive Penelope Endersby confirmed "we may well see the hottest day in the UK in history" on Monday, but that Tuesday is set to beat that record instantly with forecasts predicting blistering temperatures of up to 43C.

The scorcher days have prompted the Met Office to issue a red warning – the first of its kind – and to advise the public "to do as little as possible" and avoid public transport where possible.

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Millions are expected to work from home as a result of the lofty temperatures, while many businesses are announcing two-day closures and hospital appointments have been cancelled.

Professor Penelope Endersby said on BBC Radio 4's Today programme that while the south usually benefits from the hottest weather, that may not be the case this time.

"We think today we may well see the hottest day in the UK in history, with the hottest temperatures in the South East, but actually the highest temperatures we expect tomorrow, and those temperatures will be further north as that warm air pushes north," she said.

"So it's tomorrow that we're really seeing the higher chance of 40 degrees and temperatures above that."

Fortunately the hot weather is expected to abate after Tuesday, but the UK may experience drought over the coming weeks as a result of the heat.

This comes following a plea by water companies urging Brits to take shorter showers in the hot weather.

Yorkshire Water are one firm to have issued the warning asking people to not waste water and recommending that showers should be kept to four minutes long.

They've even put together a playlist of tracks to help people get in and out of the shower within the recommended time, featuring the likes of Happy Mondays and David Bowie.


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