Met Office predicts 15C jump in hours as new maps show warmest regions

Met Office forecasts 'milder' conditions across the UK

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The Met Office has forecasted a 15C temperature surge for the UK in a matter of hours, with the latest weather maps showing which regions will push above freezing. The national forecaster has issued dozens of UK weather warnings for snow and ice over the past couple of weeks, warning of extremely hazardous conditions. Temperatures have plunged to well below freezing – day and night – while Britain has been buried in deep snow, with ice remaining on pavements and roads.

But in a dramatic shift, the Arctic snap freezing the UK will come to a shuddering halt in a matter of hours, with temperatures soaring to as high as 14C.

The huge double-digit jump is shown in the latest weather maps from Netweather, with milder air coming in from the Atlantic.

Daytime maximum temperatures across the UK on Monday will range from 11C to 14C, according to the Met Office, and the latest weather maps show which regions will benefit the most.

During the early hours of Monday, the mercury could jump to 12C in south west England and Wales, and 11C in London, the Midlands and the south coast. It will be a degree or two lower around Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

The rest of the UK could break through the sub-zero barrier, with highs of 7C in a region of western Scotland.

Millions of Britons could wake up to warmer temperatures at 6am, with the weather maps showing highs of 13C in south west England and Northern Ireland, 12C in London, the Midlands and North West, and 11C in the North East and Wales.

Northern regions of Scotland may still struggle to get above freezing though but further south, the mercury could jump to 7C.

These significantly warmer conditions continue throughout the day and by mid-afternoon, the UK maps show maximum temperatures will hit double figures for nearly all of the country.

In England, the South West, North West, North East and East Anglia could see highs of 13C. Wales and Northern Ireland could also hit that mark, with a London a degree lower at 12C.

Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said both daytime and night-time temperatures are expected to increase over the next couple of days.

He even went as far to say some snow-covered spots could see an increase of more than 15C that should go along way to clearing the dangerous icy conditions that have caused misery for millions of people.

Mr Petanga told the PA news agency: “At the moment daytime temperatures are low single figures, and in places are staying below freezing under snow cover, so some areas are just a little bit below zero.

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“But daytime temperatures by Monday, we’re looking at across the UK highs of 11C to 14C, so around about 15 degrees certainly higher than they’ve been.”

The latest Met Office weather forecast for this evening states: “Snow or freezing rain in the north turning to rain as milder air arrives. Cloudy and windy with further rain or drizzle at times, heavy on hills in the south and southwest.”

For Monday, the national forecaster says: “Very mild for all. Mostly cloudy with bands of rain and drizzle moving northeastwards, heavy in the south and west. Windy, with gales on coasts and hills.”

Netweather Senior Forecaster Nick Finnis said in his latest forecast: “A windy but very mild day for all on Monday with gales around coasts, generally cloudy with further outbreaks of rain or showers, though eastern areas of England could stay mostly dry with some sunny spells developing. Temperatures widely reaching double digits, 11-14C.

“Tuesday and Wednesday will remain rather windy, with gales around coasts, but will be drier and brighter for many, away from the northwest and far west, which will be prone to some blustery showers at times.

“Tuesday is looking like another mild day, with temperatures widely in double figures.”

Brian Gaze from The Weather Outlook also said in his latest forecast: “Tonight, further heavy outbreaks of rain spread northeastwards across England and Wales.

“In Scotland any remaining snow should turns back to rain quite quickly. Windy and very mild in much of the UK. Temperatures in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are expected to be close to 12C (54F) by the morning.

“Tomorrow showery bursts of rain are possible anywhere. However, the wettest conditions are expected to be in the north and west with central and eastern England having longer dry periods. Very mild. Windy.”

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