Meghan tops Queen as worlds most influential royal and woman, says new data

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Meghan Markle has become both 'the world's most influential royal and the world's most influential woman', even outdoing the Queen, according to new data.

A study commissioned by Design Bundles analysed all of the royals' online traction, and the Duchess of Sussex comfortably came out on top.

The data shows that, in the past year, 40-year-old Meghan has attracted a staggering 7.4 million Google searches on average each month.

She has also popped up in 10.4 million Instagram hashtags and has had 11,200 articles written about her, reports The Express.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles said: "Now, the Duchess of Sussex is likely the most talked-about and influential woman in the entire world, as well as in the Royal Family.

"Meghan, along with husband Prince Harry, has always rejected the royal tradition to bury one’s private opinions and present a united, idealised front to the world.

"Meghan’s bravery and boldness in speaking up about issues such as racism, parental leave and empowering women are unlike any other royal, and her voice is a powerful and enduring one.

"The Duchess of Sussex is deeply committed to alleviating world issues through her charity work, and despite no longer being a working royal, proves that her influence is positive and unchanging."

Queen Elizabeth is the royal with the second biggest influence, boasting triple the combined Instagram hashtags, Google searches and media mentions than the average member of The Firm.

The Monarch appeared in 10.3 million Instagram hashtags, 3.3 million Google searches per month and 2,200 articles.

Despite difficulties that have engulfed the Royal Family in the past few decades, including the painful divorce of her son Prince Charles and his wife Princess Diana, the Queen has remained a steadfast and deeply popular head of state.

The Design Bundles spokesperson added to The Express: "The Queen is a global style icon herself, creating a popular trend with her habit of wearing exquisitely colour blocked clothes, in bright, stand-out colours, so one can always locate her in a crowd."

Kate Middleton came out as the third most popular royal and the overall Queen of Instagram.

The Duchess of Cambridge featured in 13 million Instagram hashtags but her overall online footprint was still dwarfed by Meghan.

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