Meghan and Harry focus on chat shows so they can be seen and heard says expert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are using a spate of recent appearances to “be seen and be heard” instead of using their own platforms for publicity, an expert has claimed.

Meghan appeared on a US chat show with host Ellen last night (November 18). During the interview, the host appeared to cheekily mock her guest’s ‘Duchess of Sussex’ title, before the ex-royal performed a skit where she had to undertake a series of dares.

The appearance is part of Meghan’s new life as an ex-royal. No longer confined to royal engagements, she and her husband have been able to establish their own ventures.

But, with little sign of any releases from their Spotify and Netflix deals, royal experts have suggested that the couple might embrace the publicity to be found from celebrity-circuit chat shows more often.

Speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast, host Jo Elvin suggested that appearances on shows like Ellen are a typical feature of life for American celebrities, and asked whether Meghan and Harry's attendances might become more frequent.

“I think we are starting to see a bit more now the kinds of things that they are wanting to do,” royal writer Victoria Murphy responded.

“They’ve been quite visible recently, and they’ve been taking part in these long-form discussions.

“And there is a lot of interest in what they say, and they still have these profiles. But I think a lot of appearances are kind of a reminder of the very different nature of the platforms they now have to the ones that they had when they were working royals.”

And, without the structure of royal engagements to sustain them, Victoria explained that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would need to make their own publicity, saying: “There’s no kind of automatic position for them at the centre of things that there is for the working royals.

“If they want to be visible – if they want to be part of the conversation on the big issues – then they need to do that themselves and they need to make plans to be seen and to be heard, and that’s what these appearances do for them."

Also speaking on the panel, the Mail’s Diarist Richard Eden pointed out that Harry and Meghan had made their own opportunities, but hadn’t yet utilised them.

Earlier this year, the pair made the announcement that they had become ‘impact partners’ at a sustainable investment firm.

This followed an earlier revelation that they had signed lucrative deals with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify under their Archewell production banner.

However, Richard noted that the pair haven’t yet had a major release on either platform, acknowledging: “What I find so intriguing is, why are they not using their own platforms?

“They launched the Spotify deal with great fanfare, and I think we had maybe one programme, but we didn’t hear any more about that. This was quite a long time ago.”

This follows speculation from another royal expert that the ex-royal couple are leaving their Netflix bosses “nervous” by spreading themselves too thin.

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