Meghan and Harry critic oddly claims Sussexes using Queen for gain

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's visit to the Queen before their trip to the Invictus Games is a way of using Her Majesty for "commercial gain" an expert has alleged.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex paid a surprise visit to Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle yesterday, marking Meghan's first trip to the UK since 2020.

But Royal Family expert Angela Levin told Good Morning Britain viewers on Friday she believed the Sussexes will hope the visit improves their position ahead of the Invictus Games and their Netflix series.

Prince Harry had made two previous trips to his home country before visiting his grandmother, just days after he and wife Meghan snubbed the memorial service of Prince Philip.

The couple had stepped away from royal duties in 2020 and made the surprise visit to Windsor Castle just days before they set off to Invictus Games.

But Royal Family expert Angela Levin warned the couple could be using the Queen "for commercial gain as they have done before" in a debate on Friday's Good Morning Britain.

Presenter Adil Ray was hosting the instalment with Kate Garraway and asked Angela if it was a "good thing" that the Sussexes had visited the Queen.

Angela said: "I'm not sure that it is, I think you have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions. I think the Queen and Prince Charles have missed them hugely and therefore they could wrap them around their little fingers and use them for commercial use as they have done before."

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The royal expert continued: "I think it's something to do with not turning up at Prince Philip's memorial service and finding out what the reaction to that was, it was very bad, and they can't afford to lose that publicity.

"They are off to Holland today but most unusually the king and queen have not invited [Harry and Meghan] for dinner. They were there at [Prince Philip's] memorial service and I think they are saying something very loud, very quietly.

"I think it is all a plot, we don't know if they have cameras in their pocket and also it will maybe give a boost to their documentary about the Invictus Games."

Daily Star has reached out to the Sussexes for comment.

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