Meghan and Harry blow privacy out of the water with Netflix doc, says expert

An upcoming documentary featuring a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the lives of the Sussexes has blown their privacy "out of the water", an expert claimed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming six-episode documentary will give viewers a look behind the curtain of their public life, which has been heavily criticised by royal expert Russell Myers.

Although the documentary is set to be filled with "heavy stuff", it appears the Sussex pair have blown their privacy "out of the water", the Express reported.

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Marking the release of their upcoming documentary with a minute-long teaser trailer, the Sussexes were labelled as "just extraordinary" by a royal expert.

Expert Myers said: "For a couple of wanting privacy, they've just blown it out of the water."

His comment comes as podcast host Zoe Forsey noted: "It's very dramatic, isn't it? I pictured it was going to be more fly on the wall, behind the scenes… and I thought it was gonna be very soft, but it's not – it sounds like they're going hard.

"There's a clip of Meghan crying and Harry kind of leaning back on his chair looking very, very distressed.

"You've got Harry using that quote – which he’s said quite a few times before but it is still very powerful – 'I had to do everything I could to protect my family'."

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Her assessment of the trailer piece continued: "I was shocked at the amount of personal insights but this is a six to 10-part Netflix series – it's going to have to have content isn't it and that's the way it is."

It would appear the documentary, which is set to release on December 8, will draw back the curtain on Meghan and Harry.

Royal fans have already mocked the trailer for featuring Meghan crying next to a blanket priced at £2,000, with Twitter users joking they will open up a GoFundMe for the royal.

Brutal jibes aimed at the pair were reported by Daily Star, where one fuming fan was asking where they could donate as "no one should live like this".

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