Mediterranean plume set to bring scorcher to Britain as 25C forecast

UK weather: Cloud and rain forecast for King’s coronation

While the King’s Coronation has been dampened with downpours and dark clouds, summery weather is predicted to start within days as Spain sizzles in a 38C heatwave. Forecasters have assured Britons that temperatures are expected to skyrocket to 25C in the second half of May as Mediterranean air blows away all of the dark rain clouds currently hovering over the UK.

Although it’s not expected to happen immediately, senior forecaster at the British Weather Services Jim Dale has forecast that temperatures may reach the mid-20Cs in the near future.

He told The Mirror: “On the balance of things, I reckon a heatwave of some description is overdue and the second half of May is more likely than not to deliver a day or two with 25C in the UK.

“But, there’s still lots of water to go under the bridge before then.”

Last Saturday, Pershore in Worcestershire recorded the highest temperature of the year, exceeding 20C.

However, the upcoming heatwave is likely to surpass that record.

The Met Office, on the other hand, is not as hopeful, as they anticipate average temperatures for next week and the later part of the month.

Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said: “Through next week fairly typical weather for the UK for the time of year.

“Outbreaks of rain at times, followed by showers but interspersed by sunny spells and it will feel pleasant enough in the sunny spells.

“But the main signal for temperatures is that those temperatures will be at or around average of the time of year.

“By the end of next week higher pressure could influence things a bit more to bring more settled weather for a time and nothing particularly settled or unsettled is flagged for the middle of May onwards.

“Next week is looking fairly average, fairly typical for the time of year, there will be some showers at times but also some warm sunshine and temperatures will be around average after a fairly showery Bank Holiday weekend.”

This comes as Spain sizzles in its second heatwave of the season in uncharacteristically hot temperatures for this time of year.

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Areas including Seville are 8 to 10C hotter than the average, with many forecasters growing increasingly concerned that a drought may be impending.

Despite it being the beginning of May, temperatures have reached as high as 38C in some areas, creating “summer-like” temperatures.

Meteorologist Roberto Granda, from, said that for the second week of the month “everything seems to indicate that we will continue with very warm temperatures in a large part of the country and very little rain”. 

Mr Granda added: “The dynamic already seems totally summer-like and it’s still May.”

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