Medic drops heart moments after helicopter crashes delivering it to hospital

A routine delivery of a heart to a hospital could not have gone any worse after the helicopter crashed on the helipad – only for a medic to then drop the organ after retrieving it from the wreckage.

Incredible footage captured by Fox News shows the downed chopper lying on its side on the roof of Keck Hospital in Los Angeles, California, US, on Friday (November 6).

Firemen can be seen trying to pull out the heart, with a patient inside the hospital awaiting an important transplant.

They hand it to one of the doctors who is then seen walking off with the organ in his hands.

But he suddenly trips on a metal plate, topples to the ground and drops the heart to the ground.

Others quickly rush to scoop up the organ before taking it to surgery.

Amazingly, despite the dramatic delivery, hospital staff confirmed the heart arrived safely and the patient had undergone the transplant.

Of the three passengers on board the helicopter, only the pilot was treated for minor injuries.

It is not yet clear why the chopper crashed, but amateur footage showed it suddenly starting to spin and verging towards the edge of the roof before landing on its side.

A spokesperson for the hospital said in a statement: “The passengers aboard the helicopter are being treated locally. Nobody on the ground or in the hospital was injured and patient care has not been disrupted.

“Keck Medicine is working closely with the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Police Department to manage and investigate the incident.”

The LA Fire Department added in a statement: “The donated organ that was being transported was safely retrieved by LAFD firefighters and handed over to Keck Hospital of USC staff.”

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