McDonald’s worker hurls plastic screen at customer who threw straws in her face

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Shocking video has emerged of a brawl between a McDonald's worker and a customer over the counter at a southeast London restaurant.

A man and the female staff member were filmed in a foul-mouthed argument before he threw a box full of straws at her.

The incident was believed to have happened in the fast-food chain restaurant in Penge.

In the clip viewed more than 40,000 times on Twitter, the female worker is heard yelling at the man, who is not wearing a face mask, at the counter.

The customer then grabs a handful of straws at the till and throws it through a gap between a clear protective screen at the worker.

Suddenly the member of staff becomes enraged and throws a card machine at the man, shouting: "Get out!"

She then hurls the anti-coronavirus screen at the man.

Stunned customers walk away and one man is seen asking the customer to leave the restaurant, adding: "Shut the f*** up!"

But he picks up a napkin box and threatens to hit the worker while the worker also gets hold of some hard objects.

It was not clear what the pair were arguing before the commotion.

Viewers commented on the video, which was posted on Twitter on Monday.

One said: "Thugs attacking staff is never ok. Plus you should be nice to whoever has a part in the food you are about to consume."

However, another added: "Good on her?! Don't think straws count as assault but that plastic screen sure does."

A spokesperson for McDonald's UK told Daily Star Online: "We are aware of this situation and an investigation into the incident is currently being carried out."

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