McDonalds sparks street sign war after dig at broken ice cream machines

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A McDonald's restaurant has entered a hilarious "sign war" with a rival fast food chain hitting out at the chain's McFlurry machines.

The Maccies in Marshfield, Missouri, US, is going toe-to-toe with a nearby Dairy Queen, trading cheeky slurs at one another's businesses.

Whoever is in charge of the franchise's street sign clearly fancied trying something different one day and assembled letters to grab their neighbouring ice cream parlour's attention.

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McDonald's opened with: "HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR?"

The neighbouring Dairy Queen swiftly replied: "WE WLD BUT WERE 2 BUSY MAKIN ICECREAM."

Without realising they were setting Dairy Queen up for an open goal, McDonald's hit back with: "That's cute our ice cream makes itself."

With the perfect opportunity to tease the fast food giant about its notoriously-faulty McFlurry machines, Dairy Queen wrote: "YOU MEAN IT ACTUALLY WORKS SHOCKER."

Clocking the back-and-forth, other companies in Marshfield took to their own signs to join in on the banter.

"Ice cream machine broken? We have a loan for that," the electronic sign at Arvest Bank read this week.

Not to be outdone at its own game, McDonald's laughed off the infamous "McBroken" jibe and returned with: "WOW SALTY LIKE OUR WORLD FAMOUS FRIES."

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An estate agents then chipped in to declare they were staying out of the beef and just reaching for the popcorn.

The new printed sign said: "Sign war? We're just here for the show."

Arvest Bank then entered the chat once more to state: "Just CHECKING in on the sign war…"

Randy Bryant, the local director of operations for McDonald's, told KOLR-TV: "Marshfield is such a close community, we're all like family here.

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"Mario on our team had a great idea to get this all started! He said 'it's hot, the world is throwing everyone challenges and negativity', so we all found a way to laugh and have fun as a community."

The Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce shared snaps of the signs on Facebook which led to others getting involved in the war of words.

Angela Jones, shift lead of the Marshfield Dairy Queen, said the war would continue until someone surrenders but that it wouldn't be her team.


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