McDonald’s fan uncovers secret ‘hack’ to make Double Big Mac less disappointing

McDonald's fans have been overjoyed this month with the arrival of the Double Big Mac – but many have been left unimpressed by one stingy element of the gut-busting burger.

Its new Double Big Mac was launched in the UK on Wednesday – with the £4.19 burger containing 649 calories worth of beef, lettuce, cheese, picked, sauce and bread.

The name of the burger should give fans enough of a clue about the contents of the burger – with the meal consisting of twice the amount of elements of a regular Big Mac.

While the original contains two beef patties, the double contains an impressive four patties – however a photo of the new burger on the McDonalds’ social media feeds caused a stir when some noticed the new burger only includes one slice of cheese.

Many took to Twitter to blast the food company for undermining the amount of cheese in the new sandwich.

One outraged fast food fan tweeted: "One slice of cheese? Nah, that's not working for me."

Another asked: "How can this lack so much cheese?:

While a further fan raged: "Seriously though, one slice of cheese on that Big Mac top half's going choke someone, didn't it used to have cheese on top as well?"

Going on to blast McDonalds for undermining customer expectations, they added: "Should have four slices on it cheapskates."

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However, one fan of the high street chain shared their own discovery of how to customise their own Double Big Mac to create an even more satisfying version of the new meal.

They tweeted: "Having just ordered one of these, try putting 'extra cheese' and 'extra Big Mac sauce' on in the Customise menu.

"The latter even seems to be free."

Meanwhile, other customers have claimed to receive standard Big Macs after ordering the new double version.

One customer claimed online: "I ordered the double Big Mac today and received a standard Big Mac in the box from the Plymstock drive-thru."

A spokesperson from McDonald's said: "Our new Double Big Mac has been an incredibly popular new launch on our festive menu this year, and we’re delighted with the positive reaction it’s received so far.

"As with any menu item, customers can choose to customise their order, whether that’s adding a slice of cheese, extra Big Mac sauce or removing the pickles."

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