McDonald’s diner disgusted after finding chicken burger covered in live worms

A woman was shocked after allegedly finding dozens of worms covering her McDonald's burger.

Ms Yang, from Taiyuan city in northern China's Shanxi province, ordered at least four burgers from her local fast-food restaurant through a delivery service.

Her children ate two burgers and left the rest for later.

But the mum was left disgusted when she took out the remaining two burgers a few hours later and found tiny worms writhing on the food.

In the footage she shared on social media, she opens the packaging box of a spicy crispy chicken burger and immediately spots a worm under the lid of the box.

When she unwraps the paper, she finds more similar bugs on top of and around the burger.

Her clip has notched up more than 160 million views since she posted on last Saturday, May 29.

She told Sohu News: "The kids ate two burgers in the morning and those were fine, there were no worms.

"I left the other two in the bag. A few hours later in the afternoon, they wanted to eat the remaining two burgers so I took it out for them.

"It was covered in these tiny worms and I called McDonald's and asked for an explanation."

McDonald’s China has since responded on its official Sina Weibo account – China’s equivalent to Twitter – and said that the restaurant was in touch with Ms Yang.

A spokesperson said their burgers are typically cooked at relatively high temperatures so there should not have been any worms in the hamburger.

They also did not say if there was a problem with the food at the restaurant in question, and instead reminded customers that it was important to store food properly, such as in a fridge, to avoid attracting bugs.

It is unclear if the incident is being investigated.

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