McDonald’s customer ‘threatens to execute everyone’ after not getting Happy Meal

A McDonald's customer was left with a not-so-Happy Meal after he was arrested for allegedly threatening to execute everyone in a restaurant.

James Springer, 36, entered McDonald's before 10am on Saturday, June 5, trying to buy a Happy Meal, only to be told it was too early as they were only serving from the breakfast menu.

This allegedly led to a furious Springer, a DoorDash delivery driver, to point a gun at several unsuspecting victims.

According to witnesses, when he was told he couldn't have a Happy Meal he became agitated and commented to staff that he would return and "execute everyone".

The Sheriff of Stafford County said: "Employees on scene reported a DoorDash driver was unhappy that Happy Meals cannot be ordered from the breakfast menu.

"The driver became agitated and, before leaving in a white Toyota sedan, commented that he would return to the store and execute everyone."

This was immediately reported to local law enforcement in Virginia, US, who were trying to track him down while a crime spree was already underway.

A call came in from a victim claiming a man in a white Toyota pointed a handgun at her and her passengers.

A short time later another victim came forward and claimed that, without any known provocation, a man in a white Toyota pointed a black gun at them and then drove away.

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As officers continued to search for the suspect, Springer returned to the McDonald's where he used abusive and threatening language towards a customer.

According to the Office of Stafford County Sheriff he was arrested and a black BB gun was seized from his vehicle.

The suspect said he believed recent decriminalisation efforts made it legal to point BB guns at people.

Springer was charged with disorderly conduct, abusive language and four counts of brandishing.

He was held at in a local jail on a $1,500 bond.

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