Matt Le Tissier’s son can’t a get a job and feels shunned over family drama

The son of football legend Matt Le Tissier is struggling to score a job – months after it was revealed his famous father allegedly called his wife a “bad mum” for turning to adult work.

Mitch has a background in insurance but his recent job applications have been getting the boot.

His wife Alex became a racy model during the pandemic which allowed a “burnt out” Mitch to take a break to focus on his mental health.

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Alex’s saucy venture caused tension in the family and she accused Southampton icon Matt of asking her to drop her surname.

But it’s Mitch who is now facing backlash after deciding to try and resume his career two years after his dad was axed by Sky.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, he said: “I woke up one day and felt great and I hadn’t felt like that in about two and a half years.

“At that point I was like ‘right I am going back to work and go back to my insurance career’ but I think it’s virtually impossible for me to get a job in that corporate world now because of what Alex does and the stigma around it.

“I have been offered jobs and had them withdrawn once they do background checks. I think it’s quite… You feel like you are shunned from normal society in some ways which isn’t great.

“But because of what she does and the amount she makes it’s not desperation that I have to work full-time.”

Father-of-four Mitch, 31, began suffering with his mental health before the Covid-19 lockdowns hit.

His daily work commute was two hours each way and he felt like he was “running himself into the ground” while desperately trying to support his young family.

But Alex’s decision to start a saucy OnlyFans page before landing a job on Babestation allowed him to go to therapy.

He is now in a much better place but fears his career is behind him.

His latest job setback came at Christmas when he was offered a role before it was suddenly retracted.

Despite this, he held no grudges against his wife and is proud of her success.

The Saints fan told us: “We have been on holidays in the space of a year which we have not been on in the eight years since we have been together.

“From my point of view I have to thank her because it has given me a chance to step back from working flat out full-time to recover from my mental health issues.

“I am incredibly proud of her. She has taken us to places where we literally would never have been able to.

“We are not millionaires by any means but we have a lot less of a financial strain than what we did have.”

Mitch, who also runs his own football coaching business, added: “If we had been living how we were just off the back of my salary with this cost of living crisis I honestly don’t know how we would have coped.

“I don’t understand how the average family is coping to be honest. It’s f***ing scary.”


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