Marine still haunted by Taliban fighter who he beat to death with only a rock

A US Marine is still haunted by the face of a Taliban fighter whom he beat to death with a rock over a decade ago.

Dakota Meyer, 33, became the second-youngest recipient of the Medal of Honour for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgal on September 8, 2009, in Afghanistan.

On that day, Meyer learned that three Marines and a Navy Corpsman, who were members of Meyer's squad and his friends, were missing after being ambushed by a group of Taliban insurgents.

Under enemy fire, Meyer entered an area known to be inhabited by insurgents and eventually found the four missing servicemen dead and stripped of their weapons, body armour and radios.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast on YouTube, the American explained how he was trying to recover the body of his Afghan ally who had been killed, when he was ambushed from behind.

The 33-year-old said: "My buddy had been shot, he had been killed and I came up behind this terrace to get him.

"I was on my knees and this guy just came up behind me with a weapon and I ended up shooting him from the ground. I thought he was dead.

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"I moved and got down with my buddy because I was still getting shot at from this machine gun up on this hill and I was trying to make myself as small as I could and this guy ends up coming up and chocking me.

"I thought he was dead but instead he's trying to choke me out. He eventually let up a tiny bit and we were fighting back and forth and I remember thinking 'don't let his legs get on top of me'.

"I remember finally getting on top of him and I'm reaching out trying to grab anything I can, while holding him down with my forearm, I finally grab this rock and started beating this dude's face in. I just started beating and beating and beating.

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"Finally after hitting him like four or five times, I remember him just kind of looking at me… and you can tell, he knows where this is going."

The retired Marine described still being haunted by this event, explaining how he sees the man's face "every night".

He said: "I see it every night, I just see his face. There is a point where anybody just realises they are defeated. I just think there's a point when you look at somebody and they know they're going to die.

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"Now I look at it and always think that this guy is a son to somebody, his mother and father are going to miss him. He believes in his cause as much as I do. He doesn't believe he's wrong.

"He could have had a wife or kids that are never going to see their father again, just like my dad might have never seen me again if it was switched.

"I don't hate him, I don't even know this guy. We're just here in this place right now because we were born in two different countries."

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