Man who cut womans throat after feeling humiliated by impotence denies murder

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    A lab worker who killed his colleague has denied murder, instead claiming he unintentionally killed her after his PTSD triggered a "flashback".

    Ross McCullum strangled 23-year-old Megan Newborough before cutting her throat after he invited her to his home on August 6 last year.

    Jurors heard how he then dumped her body before changing into new clothes and masturbated to porn just hours after killing her.

    The 30-year-old has admitted to the manslaughter of the young HR worker and said a sexual encounter with Newborough triggered an episode of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), CoventryLive reports.

    He claimed to have suffered a "flashback" caused by sexual abuse he experienced during his childhood.

    But John Cammegh KC, prosecuting, said this was a "pack of lies".

    McCullum and Ms Newborough had a brief relationship with each other after meeting at the Ibstock Brick factory in Leicestershire where they worked in June 2021.

    Leicester Crown Court heard how the pair had a "sexual encounter" in woodland the week before Ms Newborough’s death and that McCullum had ordered pills used to treat erectile dysfunction following this.

    After receiving the pills, Mr Cammegh explained that McCullum invited Ms Newborough to his home while his parents were gone and had been "extraordinarily excited" about the visits in text messages.

    The prosecutor challenged McCullum's recollection of events, he said: “I suggest you attacked her in a blind rage, because you’d been humiliated.

    “Your penis didn’t work. You hated her for all the things she was and all the things you couldn’t be.”

    McCullum replied: “When we were out having a walk (the weekend before) at the wood, did I feel humiliation, did I strangle her there? No.

    “I’d never do something that awful (just) because I was humiliated."

    Mr Cammegh pressed on, asking: “When you had your hands around her neck, did it turn you on, as you strangled her to death?”

    “No,” McCullum replied.

    The prosecutor also accused the killer of trying to "dismember" his victim's body when he used a knife to cut her throat 14 times, adding: "You were trying to take her head off weren’t you, you were trying to dismember her body?"

    McCullum replied: "No, I didn’t want to cut her head off."

    Mr Cammegh then suggested McCullum had got an old motorcycle helmet from his garage at home to transfer her head out of the house – but he denied this too, claiming he wanted to show the helmet to his dad to see whether it was worth any money.

    The prosecutor then began questioning McCullum about the events after Ms Newborough's killing, suggesting he showed "remarkable coolness and precision of mind".

    McCullum denied this but admitted to using "fancy dress clothes" to mop up blood before retrieving a change of clothes and placing Ms Newborough's body in her own car, driving her away from his home.

    The 23-year-old's body was dumped in a lane near Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, and her killer said he also "chucked (her) phone out of the window".

    The court heard how McCullum changed his clothes in a "methodical, careful way" and put on "quite a performance" as he sent texts and voicemails to Ms Newborough following her death.

    He accepted he had sent his victim a text that read: “Did you get back okay, baby?”

    The court was also played a voicemail he left on her phone at around 11.30pm that night, which said: “You haven’t rang back, or text me or anything. It’s probably nothing, probably you fell asleep – I had a fun time earlier.”

    Mr Cammegh questioned him about these events, saying: “You were acting with supreme self-control and calculation. You were ice-cool weren’t you?"

    McCullum replied: “I was not ice cool.”

    Jurors heard McCullum also masturbated to porn just hours after killing her.

    When questioned about the disturbing decision to do this, he replied: "I was feeling a bit down."

    It was also revealed in court he had Googled details of a number of serial killers, including Levi Bellfield, Peter Sutcliffe, and Ian Huntley during the same evening.

    McCullum said this wasn't because he was "embracing the idea of joining their club".

    The trial continues…

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