Man wants wife deported after she said hes impotent and not keeping her happy

A man has reportedly said he wants his wife deported back to India after their marriage broke down and she claimed he was impotent.

Kanwal and Naina were introduced a few years ago and broke up this year.

Naina said she wants the dowry her family paid for their marriage to be returned.

"All I want, give me back whatever my parents paid in this wedding and whatever my parents gave you, just give me back," Naina said.

Kanwal, from Sydney, claims his wife demands is what caused the friction in the marriage, 9 Now reports.

But he said things unravelled even further when Naina received permanent residency in Australia, claiming he received a accusing call from one of his wife's relatives while they were visiting India.

Speaking to A Current Affair, Kanwal said: "Saying I'm impotent and I'm not keeping Naina happy and he's going to file a case against me. I was shocked I was absolutely shocked.

"I can tell you I'm not impotent."

As Impotency is a valid excuse for divorce in India, Naina filed a complaint against her husband with the police.

The complaint included demands for the Sydney man to repay the entirety of the wedding dowry.

But Kanwal fled the country to evade the police.

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When he arrived back in Sydney he got a doctor's note to confirm that he had no physical issues.

Kanwal's dowry dossier includes a list of demands from an Indian police officer ordering him to pay compensation.

The Sydney man said he was sceptical about the requests he had received via email but Indian police confirmed to him that Naina's complaint was official.

Now Kanwal's family say they fear that they could lose their family house in India in order to pay back the compensation.

Naina is currently back in Australia and living in Melbourne.

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