Man ‘throws ex out of fourth floor window after eight days of rape and torture’

A man allegedly raped and tortured his ex-girlfriend for eight days before throwing her out of a fourth-floor window.

Colombian Jose Maria Ortega Nino is said to have spent eight hours a day assaulting and telling 24-year-old Maria Alejandra Rojas he was going to kill her in his apartment.

He is accused of carrying out his terrifying campaign after she broke up with him the Cedritos area of Bogota, Colombia, on August 23.

Maria is currently recovering in intensive care after suffering fractures to her legs, hips, pelvis and a severe fracture that knocked out all her teeth in the fall.

Ortega allegedly first locked her up in a bathroom, beat her with a pair of shoes, and left her for eight hours under a cold running shower, according to reports.

Over the course of the next eight days, he allegedly assaulted her verbally, psychologically, sexually, and physically for eight hours a day.

Every day, Ortega told her he was going to kill her, until on August 31 he left a window open overlooking the street.

Maria stuck her head out and began screaming for help. However, when Ortega realised, he reportedly threw her out.

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The young woman was rescued by the fire brigade and taken to hospital.

In a message shared on social media, Maria wrote: "I'm currently only eating liquid food and I'm unable to keep supporting my family.

"Since August 31 I've been in intensive care for 13 days, fighting for my life. The doctors said it was a miracle.

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"So far I've had five operations and more to come on my face."

She revealed that Ortega was not immediately arrested.

Maria wrote: "Although there's a filed complaint, the authorities have not 'been able' to arrest him for some 'strange ($)' reason, even though he's moved house after hurting me, helped by relatives and friends, and he's been seen in the street and at public events as if nothing had happened."

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She also revealed she feared for her life again, adding: "I fear for me and my family's safety, given that he threatened to harm my son and my mum, so I want to make it clear that anything that may happen to us is Jose Maria Ortega Nino's fault."

Ortega's arrest was finally ordered on September 15 and his indictment in 12 investigative proceedings was reported by local media on November 17.

The Prosecutor's Office will file charges of kidnapping, torture and rape against the suspect. He is also indicted in similar proceedings for physical and psychological assault against several former partners.

Maria remains in hospital where she is still recovering from the injuries she sustained in the fall.

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