Man ‘led people on leads through streets in gimp masks and flashed paramedics’

A man allegedly led people around with a lead while they wore dog and gimp masks.

Scott Lannister, 32, took them out in full view of the public in Stirling, Scotland, on December 30 last year and on May 13, it is claimed.

On April 30, he allegedly "charged whilst naked" at Scottish Ambulance Service personnel at his house in Stirling.

He shouted and screamed, flailed his arms, repeatedly banged his head against a mirror, and exposed his penis in a sexual manner at two female paramedics, it is alleged.

Lannister faces two charges of committing a breach of the peace, The Daily Record reports.

At Stirling Sheriff Court on Tuesday, November 10, the case against Lannister was continued in his absence to a procedural hearing on December 1.

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Lannister, also known as Scott Hanlon, pleads not guilty to all the charges.

Sheriff William Gilchrist ordained him to appear for trial on December 10.

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