Man killed woman then stayed with dead body three days hoping shed resurrect

A man, who has been arrested on suspicion of killing his partner, claimed that he stayed with her dead body for three days because he was waiting for her to "resurrect".

He also attempted to stab his victim's mother to death a month later.

The unidentified suspect was apprehended on Tuesday (September 6) in the south-east Brazilian city of Joinville in relation to the death of a 59-year-old woman called Maria Nazareth Vargas.

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He then offered the resurrection explanation after police asked him about security camera footage that he had been captured on.

The civil police have confirmed the circumstances that led to the death of Ms Vargas took place three months ago in June at a house where the man used to stay.

He is pictured on the video evidence entering the property on a Saturday and not re-emerging until three days later when he also informed Ms Vargas' family of her death before deciding to leave the neighbourhood.

At the time, it was ruled that the cause of death could not be determined by the appropriate officials and Ms Vargas' passing was, somewhat unsatisfactorily, recorded as a natural death.

The victim's mother pressed for the case to be reopened, however, when the man broke into her house a month after her daughter's body had been found and unsuccessfully attempted to stab her to death.

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Ms Vargas' body was subsequently exhumed as experts tried to ascertain whether she had been suffocated to death by her partner.

The man went on to confess to the attack on the victim's mother, but denied murdering his partner, which is when he made the claim that he was waiting for her to "resurrect".

He is now set to remain in preventive detention until the relevant authorities can establish the cause of his ex's death.


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